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Enjoy our tips to the Billund area


Feeling adventurous and not afraid of heights? Then you should go on a bridge walking tour. At the top of The Old Little Belt Bridge (we built a new one in 1970) you can go for a walk 60 meters above sea level. Enjoy the view of the strait, Jutland, Funen and maybe even seals below you! The walk lasts two hours and you need to buy a ticket beforehand.

The monuments at Jelling

In the small village of Jelling, you will find royal monuments from the Viking period. Most spectacular are the two rune stones raised by Gorm the Old and his son Harald Bluetooth (yes, the wireless technology is named after him!). Harald Bluetooth is said to be the king who unified the kingdom and converted the Danes to Christianity. In 1993, the monuments were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the Experience Center and dive into the stories about the Vikings, their runestones, ship settings and much more.

Nature Room in Sdr. Omme

The nature room is a perfect excursion destination and functions as a starting point for a day in the nature. From this exciting building, there is easy access to the surrounding heathland and plantations. It is free to visit and the outdoor facilities, the toilets and the exhibitions are open for everyone.


You’re on top of the world! Or at least on top of Southern Jutland. Skamlingsbanken is with its 113 meters above sea level the highest point in the region and offers a 360-degree view of its surroundings. Enjoy the view of the landscape whose hills and gorges were shaped by ice during the last ice age and feel the presence of history when standing where great orators have spoken and changed history. Build into the banks, you will find the visitor center where you can learn more about this important place in Danish history.

Geographical Gardens

Not far from The Lodge Billund, you can visit Japan! China! Siberia! And other exotic places. The 14 acres large Geographical Gardens in Kolding were established in 1917 by the local enthusiast Aksel Olsen who imported trees, bushes and herbs from all over the world and divided his garden into areas that reflected the origin of the plants. Enjoy the beautiful garden, greet the rabbits, horses, goats and other animals in the animal pen, let the children visit the playgrounds and much more.

The Seven Year Lakes

Located in Frederikshåb Plantage, is this strange natural phenomenon that you can – sometimes – visit. In 1902, the Danish state established this birch and spruce tree plantation and spent several years fighting the sand and the heath. In this plantation, you will – sometimes – find the lakes in the forest, but as reflected in the name these lakes dry out in seven-year cycles only to reappear. So mysterious!

Picture copywright: Destination Trekantsområdet

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