Looking for Hotel Propellen? This is us - we've changed our name!

In a world of constant attention-grabbing – loud noises, hectic movement, hubbub and hullabaloo – you’ve got us. Check in at The Lodge and out of the world.

The Lodge is a place to retreat, calm down and ground yourself. Connect with yourself (and the Chromecast). We love the simple life without it getting primitive or – God forbid – boring.

We focus on contemplation and being present in the now. Slow down, take a deep breath. We dare say that we are a modern refuge (without being TOO spacy, we promise). We are real and authentic people– and kinda nice too.

At The Lodge, we take in the beautiful nature surrounding us. We love the smell of wood, homegrown herbs, and a fire burning in the fireplace. We are a rustic Scandinavian lodge in a world of loud colours, sounds and buildings.

You’ve got us – welcome!

Take a deep breath in our peaceful courtyard

Relax and enjoy good company in the lounge - napping is not forbidden

Enjoy the feeling of being taken care of

Celebrate everything you love

Go for a swim in the pool and let the sun dry you off

Enjoy those special summer nights

Take a virtual tour of the hotel here!