Around the World Streetfood

Experience “Around the World Street Food” this summer at The Lodge Billund. We’ve gathered the best food traditions from all over the world and made them our own. Our chefs will prepare the food right in front of you – all you must do is prepare for a tour of the world!


Children 0-2 years: Free

Children 3-12 years: DKK 125

Adults: DKK 325


1st seating 17:30 – 19:30

2nd seating 20:00 – 22:00

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  • Bao with slow-roasted welfare pork, sliced fresh summer
    cabbage, coriander, peanuts and teriyaki sauce
  • Lightly seared red Sashimi tuna from the Pacific Ocean turned in roasted sesame and served with a salad of marinated seaweed and wasabi cream
  • Dumpling with broth and fresh herbs (vegetarian)
  • Noodle salad with crispy vegetables and sweet chili sauce
  • Mango tart with lime curd and
    croquette of cashew nuts


  • Fresh crayfish on crushed ice
    with aioli and grilled lemon
  • Hand-peeled shrimps with
    asparagus and wild garlic cream
  • Gourmet hotdogs with stinging nettle sausage, spicy ketchup and house-pickled onions
  • Pan-fried pork and veal meatballs with house-made cold potato salad, radishes and freshly
    chopped chives
  • Traditional Danish apple trifle with Danish apples, crisp macaroons and lightly whipped cream
  • Fine cheeses with house-made preserve and biscuits


  • Taco with chili con carne, crème fraîche and grated dark chocolate
  • Warm nachos with cheddar,
    jalapeños, salsa, crème fraîche and guacamole
  • Sweet potato with Mexican bean filling and mojo sauce of roasted bell peppers
  • Baked corn on the cob with sea salt, fresh herbs and whipped butter
  • Mexican salad with kidney
    beans, avocado, sweet corn/maize and sweet chili sauce
  • Rum-roasted pineapple with
    coconut cream and roasted
    coconut flakes


  • Ice cold tomato soup with salsa and crème fraîche
  • Vitello tonnato with tuna sauce and fried capers
  • Roasted gnocchi with
    chanterelles, sage butter, herbs and freshly grated parmesan
  • Fried tiger prawns with freshly cut garlic, chili and parsley
  • Tomato salad with feta, edamame beans and olive oil
  • Melon salad with salted
    pumpkin seeds and Italian
    balsamic vinegar
  • Tiramisù with ladyfinger biscuits turned in delicious Amaretto and sprinkled with Terracotta cocoa


Freshly baked herbal bread with pesto, tomatoes and olives, grissini and house-made tapenade


Let the grown-ups enjoy their dinner in peace. We’ve prepaid some specials treats for kids (permission can be granted for the grown-ups too).

  • Do-it-yourself fruit skewers
  • Pancakes with nut spread
  • Soft ice machine with topping
  • Slush ice
  • Entertainment of the day